Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello? can I come back now???

Hello faithful readers. I am back and re-lauching my blog [(as if anyone cares!!) Shut up evil voice in the back of my head]. In the coming days I will post a couple of blogs.

The first will be a travel log of my trip to Los Angeles. I am spending ten days and nine nights in The City of Angels, and plan on writing about it.  Our adventures, our fun, our destinations will be chronicled all in excruciatingly accurate detail. All except the sex…..for that we will have pictures.

The second will be an experiment of sorts. The last time I spent any major amount of time in Los Angeles was prior to becoming the world renowned chef I am today [(delusional much?) Bite me voice!]. I want to blog about a couple of the restaurants I used to visit. I want to detail my memories of the places, the food the atmosphere and the service and such. Then I want to eat again at these places. I want to compare my memories of a place with my new culinary prowess and knowledge and see how my favorite old haunts stack up.

The third, well the third is a surprise of such. A work of fiction, short as it will be that I hope you will enjoy.

Thanks for reading as I attempt to fight my way back into the Blogosphere!!!


  1. Have a great time in LA, and I can't wait to read about your adventures :) Tell that sister of mine to update her own blog, too! ;) And seriously - no pictures!! *faints* :P