Sunday, September 9, 2012

Down in The Valley.....

Welcome to Los Angeles. Our trip started with a trial of follies. We arrived at the airport well ahead of our flight. By three hours actually, only to find out that the planes takeoff time was moved from 1150am to 450pm. We waited about 7 hours at the airport and lost an evening in LA.
I am angry about the situation, yet Danger is not. I want to make phone calls (to Allegiant Air, the airline in question) and ream the company, because we also were not notified that our return flight was moved as well. Oh well. On to LA. The flight was fine if late. No more bumpy than other more well-known Airlines, and I felt I was actually more comfortable than the last time I flew (which was on Southwest or Alaska, I can’t remember).
Finally we arrive in Los Angeles. The air is cleaner than I remember. I seem to have a memory of chewing air the last time I got off the plane. My parents were waiting for us and ushered us straight to the San Fernando Valley. I grew up here I have some very fine memories. It is the 7th level of hell. It is at least fifteen degrees hotter than any  other place in LA. It is more over crowded than any other place in LA. It’s just not good. We had a good time with my parents; we had some good food, and a few good drinks (mostly vodka).  We went on a driving tour of the old neighborhood. Saw my old high school, saw my old hang outs and haunts. It was interesting. I have decided though that although I feel I can live in LA again, I would avoid the valley like the plague.
From there to my sister’s house. I was never close to my sister after we went our separate ways. However my sister has been the highlight of the trip. They have a beautiful house in a beautiful (non valley) little town. I cooked a great meal for my entire family and we hung out. I played rock band with Danger my sister and her fiancée.
The next day (the day I post this) we did a walk down Venice Blvd, and Santa Monica Pier. It was fun, sun, and lots of bikini clad ladies. Ice cream on the pier, breakfast at the Venice Sidewalk Café, It was good. Maybe we over did it in the sun.
As I type this we sit in our hotel room. The Adventurer. It’s an interesting place. The rooms are really nice, on site pool and bar. We are waiting for Chinese food delivery and resting. It’s been a good trip so far. Tomorrow, the Getty Center, Picnic, and Sushi….In that order.

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