Monday, September 10, 2012


               Second on my food before and after blog entry is a place called Michael’s.
Michael’s is a family diner. Very short order grill, they do burgers, fries, sandwiches, and gyros. Oh the gyros. My memory of this place as a kid was good. Fantastic food, always having it delivered and eating as a treat with family. I figured that was going to be the key to this place’s down fall in my memory. As a kid my family always ordered from this place as a treat. We didn’t have a whole lot of money growing up so when we ate out it was a real reward to us. And Michael’s was one of the go to celebratory meals.
It bears mentioning as well that when I say we ordered from this place when I was a kid, I mean it. This place has been in business for longer than I have been alive. The owner operator is still there too, the titular Michael himself. As a matter of fact he was the one who took our order and helped cook our meal, and he recognized me too. It gives me hope to see businesses like that, hope that I may have a successful business too someday, but I digress.
So when my mom suggested we go there I was all for it. The Gyros were still the best I have ever had. Flavorful met, veggies, and of course the tangy and creamy Tzatziki sauce. All still as good as my memory. I also remembered my favorite side dish of theirs, fried zucchini sticks. I remember them being flavorful and crisp. I don’t know if I just got a bad batch or what, but mine weren’t very good this time around. Mushy and bland, they really were terrible. A far cry from the tasty bits I used to look forward too.
So, Michael’s still has the best Gyros I have ever had. That says a lot because it is one of my favorite dishes ever. Some of their other dishes have gone downhill a bit. 


  1. there's a place back east for me that sounds a lot Michael's for you. Is there anyone in Corvallis/Albany area that does gyros at all let alone well?

  2. Ah, Gyros. I haven't had a good one since this little Mexican family's trailer at a fair in high school. Now I wants one...

  3. I miss those. No Greek food here. We miss the good ones from Missoula. But we want to make some sometime. Alton Brown has a recipe for it we want to try.