Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time off and Teen Pregnancy

          In the wake of the Springhill Event, I have managed to gain two weeks off before starting my next job. What have I been doing you ask? A whole lot of nothing, that’s what. I have been playing video games, writing role playing adventures, and staying up late and sleeping in. I am very excited about my up coming camp out. It will be a glorious, drunken time, hopefully with a healthy amount of debauchery. With any luck a few blogs worth of fun on that.
            Over my time off I managed to catch a few episodes of a show called Teen Mother on MTV. This show is hosted by a great man by the name of Doctor Drew, also known as Drew Pinsky. Most of my friends will know him from the excellent radio show Loveline which he has hosted since I was in high school. It was a favorite of mine. The show Teen Mother was a good show. It dealt with hard issues that teen parents face today and I recommend it.
            It actually made me think over my sexual past and my first thought was how lucky I was to never have had dealt with teen pregnancy. That led me to the idea that, wait, no not lucky, diligent. I always used condoms with a few rare occurrences. That led to the thought, how did I know that? How did I know how to properly use condoms? I took a sex ed class like most kids. Though they focused on abstinence and they didn’t show us (unless my memory fails me, which is possible).
I actually remember a Loveline episode, in which Dr. Drew describes how to use one. I even remember an episode in which he addresses the pill being canceled out by certain antibiotics which saved me a close call or two latter in life. The man has been promoting sexual health and awareness since the early nineties. He has been a huge influence on my sexual identity, as well as my practices and habits. Habits I assure you are all healthy. Well, except that one.
I thought about how much different my experiences could have been had I not gathered the knowledge, comically delivered by Dr. Drew and his side kick, a man named Adam Carola. I can only see experiences that turn negative with out his controversial, blatant talk. I have followed this mans work but fell out with him when he started Celebrity Rehab. Yeah I know I hate reality TV too. It was real good to see him doing informative programming again that gives him a solid place in my memory.

Thought of the evening: What was a defining sexual moment for you? How did it shape future encounters?


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  1. I loved Loveline too! Dr. Drew and Adam were really fun to listen to. And the callers! Wow...boy did they have issues. Totally put things in perspective sometimes on whatever silly little issues you may have had yourself. We were still very normal compared to them. And I remember sex ed too. No they did not show us how to put on condoms, but they did repeatedly tell us that abstinence was the only 100% way to not get pregnant. I had Coach Smith and I remember him telling us that during each session of Health class that was devoted to sex ed. I could write a lot about the issue of teen pregnancy, and I did on my own blog ages ago. I was supposed to be abstinent due to my religious upbringing. I was not, however, and I am now about 12 years on the other side of a teen pregnancy (shocked are you?). I never did use condoms back then because in my own strange way I thought that if I went ahead and got them then it would be the same as admitting failure on that front and "why bother" and giving myself permission to do it, and I wasn't going to that. I was still trying to not have sex period back then, in spite of the failures on my part.