Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Something wicked this way comes.....

            So much for my vow to write more blogs, sorry folks. So another catching up blog seems called for. Well here goes, two things have dominated my life of late. My time off got very boring very quickly. I like to be busy after all. Before I started my new job, I got to go on another day with the wonderful Hotstuff. We took a trip out to Bagby Hot Springs.
            It was a wonderful trip. A long drive and great conversation, in which many stories were imagined (more on that on a future blog! Look for the story of Jake and Baum!). Once there a wonderful hike and lunch. A long romantic soak and large amounts of back rubbing and snuggling. After hiking back out we went on a quest for a camp site.
            We found a wonderful campsite on the banks of the Clackamas River. Setting up camp we shared a bottle of wine and ate well. Then it got cold so back in the tent we made love to the sounds of the night, and the flowing river. To say it was a good night is an understatement.
            The next day I started work. I proceeded to work for ten days straight. The first three days ended up being about a 37 hour week. The next seven was a seventy hour week. It was rough. The job itself is a new experience. A kitchen that operates, effectively and cleanly. A kitchen that encourages classical preparations and methods. A kitchen that allows fresh made sausages and pates.
            The job is challenging and has brought my cooking up to a whole new level. I have done complicated things before in kitchens. The difference here is a level of pride. I get to do something that I love so much, it makes me even want to do dishes well.
            I love a dying art you see, Charcuterie. It’s the art of sausage making. It’s the art of pate, pickles, and mousse. Of all the things I have done in cooking this branch I love the most, and have a lot of passion for it. Here, they let me do it. I get to make fresh sausages every week. I love it.
            My new job is challenging in a way that is good. It’s upping my game and my skill level. Even in two weeks of work I can see it. We had our soft opening earlier last week too. I got too use my short order grill skills and out of a day of service for eighty people I cook entrees for sixty. I did well.
            As I type this it’s the eve of our grand opening. We are not sure what to expect. I figure one of two things will happen. We are either going to be so busy we train wreck, cause lets face it you can only plan for so much; or we will be super slow. I don’t think there can be any middle ground here. I am once again slated to work short order and am actually hoping for busy so I can hit the ground running. I will keep you up to date on our grand opening.
            All in all my life has had the dramatic turn around I was desperately hoping and even praying for. I have had a wonderful woman come into my life. I have a wonderful and challenging job. Life is starting to turn good. If my life was a movie this would be the end of the first act, as you get to like the hero. All those who know story structure, know that the second act brings the conflict, the tragedy that befalls the hero one might say. I am apprehensive about the future, though hopeful. 
            I feel like something bad is coming but I really hope its not.My next Blog will be latter this week, I promise. Look for a long article featuring Hotstuff, and more work related news. As the Lando once said, 'here goes nothing.'

            Thought of the day; If your life was a movie, what genre would it be.

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