Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Between...

            Time has traveled on since my last post. I have been a man of leisure this few weeks. That’s code for unemployed bum. I have however found a job that I am very excited about. I am now a chef at the new Les Caves. It’s a fine dinning pub in Corvallis (opening soon) that is hoping to specialize in farm to table dishes. I am thrilled. I have actually cracked open my school notes again to brush up on finer French techniques.
            Since the end of the Cinnebarre debacle, and the start of my new job (which begins at the end of September) I have indulged in many activities. I have been dating. Their has been some interesting women met. A few crazies and a few hotties. A few, for lack of a better word, dumbasses, and a few very intelligent women. I have rarely had a second date in the last year let alone the last month. There is one, we shall call her Hotstuff. I have been on three dates with her. More on her latter.
I was invited camping with the Hacket clan. Wonderful people all. I spent four great days lounging and recharging with them, and engaging in some good ole fashioned debauchery. Let’s just say I love that my new job don’t pee test if you know what I mean. I furthered the knowledge of Tablero as well, the most fabulous drinking game EVAR. Mr. Hacket’s parents and family are fantastic people, and I am very grateful for the chance to spend such time with such wonderful people.
Their land on the coast is a beautiful series of grassy fields and creeks, and gardens. It was beautiful (And cool of temperature while the rest of Oregon BAKED). On the last night I took some friends crabbing, caught some delicious sea spiders, and we ate them. Hotstuff even came out after work and camped with us. It was a good time. After everyone went to bed we stayed up and made out under the stars and in front of the fire. It was a good night.
After leaving and returning to the sweltering Willamette Valley I have spent some time doing chores and relaxing around home. After a few days of that I set sail for the last SCA event of the year, Acorn War. It was good time. Drinking and debauchery for three days. Lots of Tablero, good people and fun. I participated in an archery tournament and lost horribly, but it was good to shoot again. A sun burn and a hang over (and I think a sprained ankle but not sure) and I am here writing this.
Talked to Hotstuff for the first time in a little while. We have a date next week that will comprise a hot spring hike and a nice camp out. Can’t wait. I must admit that I like her. I am really hoping for good things on this front. She is intelligent, a closet geek, funny, hot, and for some reason interested in me. Yeah go figure.
It’s been good so far. I am really looking forward to work. I seem to have run out of funds in an alarming way. I am reminded of my last month of college. Desperately out of funds as I scramble for tuition and rent. Selling just about everything I own for a key book and gas money. This time its just gas money and phone bill funds but it is an issue. I am in honor of that spirit, selling off a few extraneous things. Some old comics and a play station. Erg. That’s just about everything I own worth money.
The one thing I am selling that is still worth some cash is my trumpet. It actually makes me a little sad. I haven’t played it much over the last four months, due to living situation, but I always like playing it. It really is the one thing I have kept from the past that reminds me of everything from high school to relationships past. Damn. Selling that horn is a little akin to admitting defeat. Hate to do it but kind of have too.
Oh well. Other than that, I am in good health and good spirits. I am greatly anticipating my new job, and future time with Hotstuff.

Thought of the day; if you ran out of money tomorrow, what would you do?

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