Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thyme….Its on my side….

            Yes it is. Hello again. Sorry for the long delay but life has been busy. When last I wrote it was the eve of our restaurants’ opening. So let’s bring you up to date. The restaurant (Les Caves in Corvallis) hit the ground running. We have been such a success we can barley keep up. I have settled well into a position of head prep chef during the weekdays, and head line chef during the weekend brunches I help to run
            I really enjoy my job. I am doing some really high quality things, such as fresh lamb sausage and tender beef stews. Some of my ideas are even making it onto our regular menu. We had a very quite opening and still have been extremely busy. We are having our grand opening this Saturday (November 19th). So if you’re near by please come in and eat, we are pulling out all the stops and the food and beer should be top notch.
            The only draw back has been me living in Jefferson. Jefferson is a city roughly 30 miles from Corvallis (Corvallis being the city I work in). The commute has been horrendous. It has drained my bank account and wore my car down terribly. In addition my living situation has been somewhat less than stellar. I live with very nice people don’t get me wrong. They do for each other and are a family. They were gracious enough to open their home to me, even though they needed the money, and made me part of that family in a small way.
            The problem is they did that also for a whole other family. There is now so many people living in my house (not really mine but I do pay rent) that we have run out of rooms and beds, and people sleep on the living room couch and floor nightly. It is crowded and noisy and I can’t really handle it any more. I have decided to move back to Corvallis. I found a great (and clean and quite) duplex with a very nice woman and I move in December 16th (Any one want to help me move?).
            Tonight I give my notice at my current place of residence. I am not looking forward to this. As hellish as the living situation is they are still decent people who have sheltered me (albeit not for free) since March. Also the Matriarch of the family has had some bitter falling outs with other roommates that have given notice and I really hope that was them and not her, as I don’t want to have to go through that.
            My and Hotstuff are still together. We see each other weekly now (Usually Sunday to Tuesday I go up to her place). Our time together is fast becoming my favorite time of the week. I like her. A lot. We get along real well. She even wants to start going to SCA events with me come summer. Can’t wait to see her in a corset!
I asked a friend of mine, here we shall call him Angus, after meeting her what he thought. He replied with the, “She seems nice, and any woman who can take your shit and sling it right back, you should probably keep around a while.” That echoed my thoughts pretty well. Hotstuff is even coming down for the grand opening Saturday night and to go bar hopping. So if you want to go out and get completely pisssed with us, shoot me a text.  
            Things are good people. I am making good at work, and as of December 16th will make good at home. I am doing real well with my girlfriend (yeah it’s all but official she is my girlfriend) and even planning a trip back to Los Angeles in January. I am hoping she can get the time off to come with me. Hey if she meets my family and still likes me that’s big.
I also got talked to a friend of mine whom I have not heard from in a while. Here we will call her Sheet Cake. She moved out of the area some time ago. She was my best friend through college and it was very good to hear from her again. She is doing quite well and living happy where she is, which makes me happy for her. It made me miss the friendships I created in college (well most of them, at least one of them I am all but happy to be free of). I need to try to keep in contact more. That last year of college was not a good one for me. Depression, break ups, bad teachers, bad friends, all tried to do me in. I feel I only made it through because a few, Sheet Cake among them, grabbed my ass by the ears and pulled me through. Yeah, I need to reconnect with these people.
 I will try to write more. Till then;
Thought of the day: When was the last time you were truly excited to see or hear from some one.

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